How many PC’s can I install the agent on?

Each bundle can support up to 10 or 25 PC’s, however you can always add more PC’s for an additional cost.

What are the payment methods?

Your credit card will automatically get billed 5 business days before the 1st of each month.

Is there a contract?

Yes. A one year contract is in effect.

What kind of support can we get?

You will have access to our HelpDesk for general questions or problems with the platform. If you do need remedial work, there will be a nominal hourly fee.

Will you re-mediate viruses?

We will do best effort virus recovery for an additional charge. However, some viruses or malware cannot be cleaned, and sometimes it’s best to just wipe the PC.

Can I give users remote access to their PC’s so they can work from home?

Absolutely. Logmein Pro remote control software is included. We have many clients that have their users working from home exclusively through Logmein. It’s fast and reliable.

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