Have you been frustrated trying to use all of these different tools to protect your network, only to find out that half of them aren’t even working? Always having to run around the office to fix PC’s? Well we have the solution for you:

The Brook Platform is a cohesive management tool that allow you the same tools that larger IT departments and MSP’s have. With a single pane of glass you can look at the security health of your entire company and manage it all without having to leave your chair., It will let you easily monitor and use the following software which is included in the bundle.

  • Dashboard to remote/manage all of your PC’s and Servers.

  • AVG Antivirus.

  • Malware-bytes.

  • Windows Security Patches

  • Server Backups (some restrictions apply).

  • Log me in Remote Control for all workstations and servers

  • Give Log me in access to your staff for remote work.

  • Powerful scripting to roll out software, lock down workstations, and hundreds more.

  • Ability to monitor devices by IP Address, alerting you if IP device is offline (Server Agent needed).

  • $11,000 a year worth of software alone!

  • One low flat rate, so your costs stay the same.

The Brook Platform is sold in bundles.