We ran an outsourced IT company for over 16 years. In that time, we noticed that many businesses didn’t even have the minimum protection to even shield them against simple viruses and malware. We found out through trials and tribulation what pieces of software not only protected the best, but also gave us the least amount of headaches.

After rolling out our platform, our clients issues with viruses, malware, patch related attacks went down significantly, allowing them to be most productive with their time, and not having a server down for a couple of days due to a virus attach. As well, the platform just ran as expected, with minimal issues.

We wanted the tools that actually gave us pertinent information when something bad happened. Not waiting for a call from a user asking if this “alert” on their computer is ok or not. Getting an alert when the server was running out of disk space or if the server actually went down at night.

Knowing what’s happening with all of the systems is crucial, so you can be proactive and not have to wait until something goes down before you can do something about it.